Friday, October 17, 2008

Brand Americana

pano_brand_final, originally uploaded by photosorcery.

First crack at making a VR image handheld. A few fixes here and there, but i was pleased of the outcome of the image. VR image from this rectilinear image come out very well.

Raise 'em as high as you can

DSC_2268, originally uploaded by photosorcery.

I was invited to be a part of a Baptismal Ceremony. Lighting inside the church was surprisingly good with all the natural light coming in from all corners. More images on my flickr account.

Photography Sells

DSC_1990, originally uploaded by photosorcery.

Photography surely does sell, doesn't it. This storefront looks like it came out of a magazine. Lighting is perfect and all I had to do is snap that camera. Less is more, evidently so, when it comes to billboards. - Primm Valley Mall, Las Vegas.

Fashion Mall Panorama

Fashion Mall Pano, originally uploaded by photosorcery.

Very easily done, 3 images handheld (with a basic understanding of the nodal point) at 12mm DX format. Its fun implementing this technique on uninteresting compositions and see what you'll get.

Vegas - Fashion Mall

DSC_2134, originally uploaded by photosorcery.

We got to see how they turned the center space into a runway in a matter of minutes. Models pop-up from the ground floor and into the runway. See more of the images during our trip.