Monday, September 10, 2007

Seven Ways to Get Happy & Stay Happy

I came across a website A blog site from a small town newspaper photojournalist for 17 years. Gary Cosby, Jr. dreamed of becoming a photographer for the THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC as a young photojournalist.

He started his blog just a couple of months ago, and its quickly gaining popularity. Ive had the chance to read his "Seven Ways To Get Happy And Stay Happy!" Article which actually helps all of us struggling photojournalists find inner peace and improve our skills along the way.

He humbly admits that some of his pictures are results of having found a blog about off camera lighting. Which blog? of course, the mother of off camera lighting ran by Mr. David Hobby.

Here's a summary of his article. Seven Ways to Get Happy & Stay Happy:

1) Work For Yourself. When you are happy with your own work, others will like it too.
2) Dont’ Worry, Be Happy - Focus on your work, not on things that are beyond your control.
3) Whistle while you work. A good attitude means more than good photos.
4) Be an educator rather than a complainer.
5) Every day, every assignment, push yourself to get better.
6) Be a proactive member of your newsroom.
7) Stand on your head. It will give you a different perspective from the everyone else.


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Kelly said...

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