Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Strobist Seattle Meetups Video

Seattle strobist meetup group has been very active in response to the Florida meetup that garnered nearly 50,000 views a few months ago. This time they came out with a video of what transpired during their meet. I cant wait to participate in such an event in my area, which Im anticipating won't be too long now.

This video is worth watching.Checkout what happened to Panda!

Find your meetup groups in

Checkout the official link of Seattle Strobist Flickrites

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Manila Blend said...

Great Photography Site! Im learning a lot of techniques from this site alone. I will be coming back often to check on new stuff.

Tracy Lee said...

Hey, I know one of the people in one of these shots. You really should link the photos back to the Flickr photo page as per Flickr's Terms of Service. Try using the BLOG THIS button on top of each photo. It is so much easier.

Thanks for visiting us over at the NH Photo Tour.