Sunday, August 19, 2007

Photography Meet-Ups

Photography Meet-Up in Florida? I have been wondering all this time, how an event like this can be put together? Thousands of aspiring photographers and professionals flock to join such an event. I bow down to those that were able to successfully organize an event like this.

Nicholaus Haskins came up with this idea in Florida Park. Im drooling over this, thinking how valuable the experience could have been if I was there watching how these pictures were molded, and what tools were used to light the scene.

Nick Haskins TTD
Florida Park Photography Meet-UpMore great Shots

Looks like everyone who participated has a smile on their face! Well at least we get to see the "Behind-the-Scene" shots.

Strobists in Action
Florida Meet-Up Participants

Here is the link to their FLICKR site:

And the site of the brilliant organizer that made this happen Nick Haskins:

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