Monday, August 27, 2007

Gothic Photoshop Photography Effect

brendan.oshea Flickr Pro User was kind enough to share the photo retouching secret to this gothic effect look in photoshop by using Unsharp Mask tool and overlay blend mode technique.

Here is what Brendan.Oshea had to say about this method:

I've done this on a few of my other photos Jimmy, and I've documented the process in one of the shots I've posted previously. It involves cranking up the radius slider in unsharp mask more than the amount slider. (opposite of what you'd usually do) desaturate a little, then repeat until it starts to look too silly.

Sometimes I'll get one of the channels, paste it into a layer and use overlay mode to desaturate. Depends on the image.

To tell the truth, I usually only use this technique when I want to hide technical flaws. Unfortunately, I use this technique alot. The lighting is critical though, and it just doesn't work unless I use this particular style of lighting.

Single Sunpak 383 Super on full power, newly acquired shoot thru 28" umbrella, triggered with Elinchrom Skyport.

Gothic Unsharp Mask Photoshop effect

Im in search of the Manny Librodo photoshop retouching technique, and this might be one of the secret ingredients as to how Manny comes up with his stunning photoshop effects. Manny is smooth and subtle when it comes to photoshop effects, and this is more deliberate, but effective. I'll talk more about my Idol in the upcoming articles... I can't wait!


Luciano said...

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Saab said...

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I am walking out the door to go for dinner, but I will be back:)

Your photos are amazing and I’m sure I will learn alot here, thank you.

Cheers Sonia

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Jordan McClements said...

I like this effect a lot…
Very Good blog by the way…

kRiZ cPEc said...

Hey your blog is very informative, and nice photos. BTW, there’s some bug in your Entries (RSS). When I click the link: the window opened this address: feed: and said it couldn’t locate the website.
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Donlito said...

Very cool.

How did you manage to attache the skyport to the 383?

Would love to know. As i am in the process of buying just that.


Alexandar Nk said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, i come from Indonesia. If maybe u could share a lil bout the technique? ur photo were awesome...

best regards

ym: berserk_slide

Anonymous said...

How did you achieve this look in Photoshop? Amazing, i'd like to know your secret. I have seen someone acheive this look without the use of a flash and completely edited in photoshop. Any idea how to?

- Diego

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