Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fake Wind Tunnel Photography Effect

I ran across this cool photography effect on, im sorry I forgot who took this picture, I will surely come back and update it as soon as I find it again.

Very cool "light painting" technique.
Here is an excerpt on how this artist came up with this awesome shot.

This was harder to do than I expected. I wanted to follow the contours of the car more closely, to make it look like the smoke you see in a windtunnel. But that was too slow, and I had to run back and forth pretty quickly, making the streak a little "bumpy." A longer exposure would work well, but my driveway is too bright for that.

Double exposure created in camera:

1) 13 seconds for lighting the car: large softbox to left of camera, White Lightning X-1600, 3 pops at 1/4 power + handheld SB-600 at 1/4 power to light rear of car. Also, the streetlight to camera right is contributing more than I wanted, giving the right side of the car a yellow cast and lighting the background.

2) 30 seconds for the fake "windtunnel smoke" -- created with a Fenix P1D LED flashlight on low power, and me running back and forth as fast as possible

Inspiration is from this image

Fake Windtunnel Light Painting Effect


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