Thursday, August 2, 2007

Justine Ungaro Photographer

I was looking for gigs Craigslist to showcase my ever-growing ability (or sickness). I don't know how I got to, but i found a brilliant photographer by the name of Justine Ungaro. Great photos, one after another. I just had to post a little article about her.

Justine Ungaro

Here she is with her award winning photos. Very talented photographer which goes really well with her striking good looks.

Picture Perfect - Fairfax Connection


Justine Ungaro said...

How suprised and flattered I was to come across your blog, thanks so much for the plug. Come and visit my blog sometime. :)

Photo Sorceror said...

Thanks for visiting my site Justine. Im in disbelief that you even found PhotoSorcery. I’ve been visiting your blog since I discovered it. You always have something interesting for your viewers! Ollie is soo adorable!