Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Photo Retouching Expert

You got to see the before and after shots of these models, celebrities and actors/actresses.

Here is a retouch the struck me the most. Awesome job!

Britany Murphy Before Retouch


Britany Murphy After Retouching

Note, that iWanex Studio doesn't claim ownership to any of the pictures. (Obviously, copyrighted to their photographers). ONLY the retouching of each photo is copyrighted to them.


Susheel said...

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L8o said...

..I agree with your retouching assessment. Very nicely done. Where does one learn such technique?


Anonymous said...

good article.

Bloggeritza said...

Hey guys..This is nice ..I have a few examples on my blog, and an easy tutorial about hoe to get a similat effect..Tell me what you think about..Cheers!

Groupdmt said...

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