Sunday, August 5, 2007

I purchased my handy-dandy SB-800 over a year ago, and I haven't been this excited since i was 9 on the eve of Christmas. I heard about strobist a long time ago. I was thinking its just another blog, who cares, I'll surely stumble upon a better site soon.

Well I checked it out after looking around to check out some DIY photography lighting setups. I have to say that this is the ultimate site for photographers like me, who own equipment and never had the chance to tailor their flashing skills. (Opps, sounds like Mardi Gras).

Hands down, is an awesome site, and they also have a flickr site to show case their honed skills. I'm certainly hooked! I'll probably spending more time on this site than any other site for a month.

Im excited. Got up early on a Sunday morning (7AM) Ive recharged 3 sets of batteries, took test shots of Build-a-Bear stuff toys (not mine), created Gobos and ordered umbrellas. And its only 9:30AM.

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timotew said...

thanks great work