Thursday, August 16, 2007

Florida Nature Photographer - John Moran

John Moran - Florida Nature Photographer
John uses unconventional setups to create a spectacular shot of the fireflies on the Ichetucknee.

His setup involves:

• Stobe on a boom, for water sparkles.
• Continuous light, for scene painting.
• Custom-made black box to emulate the blinking of an amorous female firefly

Visit his website at

Here's the fruits of his creativity. Phew!


Carlos de la Rua said...

Bravo, excellent. Great job looking for something unique and different. Congratulations. Love and Peace. Carlos.

Anonymous said...

I feel tricked and lied to. Authentic pictures FOR THE WIN. This picture is a drawing, being presented AS a picture - and that's bullcrap.

Anonymous said...

It is a reminder of what Florida springs once were.

Hire Van said...

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