Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Canon vs Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Here we go again! I hate opinionated and biased answers from pros and amateurs alike, but we all would like to know WHY you like your SLR camera.

Well after getting input from professional photographers, we are still unsure which one is the best! But I hope that these insights will help you choose the right path.

Why Canon?

1. Less noise when using ISO 1600 - 3200 compared to Nikons.
2. Dedication from Canon over the last years, they always have new equipment one after the other.
3. Array of professional lenses that are available for the consumer.

Why Nikon?

1. Built and feel is better than Canon bodies. (IMO depends on the user)
2. Fast and accurate focusing under low light conditions.
3. CLS (creative lighting system) with Nikon's Speedlight flashes.
4. Noise looks more like film grain unlike Canons.
5. Better and more superior glass and better QC, compared to its counter-part.

There you have it, i'll keep it updated as soon as I hear more positive or negative comments.

In my opinion, Its best to have both. Use Canons on low, natural light situations because of the noise situation with Nikons. Use Nikons when you'll be using flash. Of course, you can't always get the best of both worlds, especially in my case.

Bottom-line is that your clients wants to see your results. None of it is going to matter, unless you have the pictures to prove it.


Dmitri said...

Well,with the new D3,Canon doesn’t have the lead on noise anymore. I’ve seen sample images at iso 6400 and they look as good as Canon’s 1600. I am a Canon shooter myself and hope Canon will answer with something. At this point, Nikonians can’t wait for this D3 to come out.
Other thing Nikon glass is not better than Canons. Plus canon has a wider variety of lenses that Nikon doesn’t have. All nikon guys usually admit that…

chris said...

great pics…:)

vMan said...

Canon 50D has ISO 12800. Wow!

Estudios said...

The new Nikon D700 has practically no noise from 1000 all the way to 6400+. My brother just got one and I tried it out...it's amazing!!! I'm a Canon shooter, but at this point, I gotta admit, Nikon is better than Canon. As well as noise, Nikon pictures are far sharper and crisper than Canon pictures, straight outta the box, and it only gets better the more you learn your camera.

Top Rated Cameras said...

Very simple and straight to the point comparison with two of the biggest camera brand. :)

So far, I'm loving my D5000! :D