Monday, August 6, 2007

The "Starving Student" Off-Camera Light Kit

These items are cheap after I looked around on the net. I'll take some pictures of my equipment as soon as I get it. For now I have managed to use SU-4 mode on my sb-800 speedlight.

For those of you unfamiliar with SU-4 mode on SB-800 speedlights. Its a way to fire your strobes using infrared coming out of your camera's pop-up flash. You can use an SLR or any point-and-shoot camera for this matter.

What I try to do is adjust the camera's pop-up flash to TTL with the least amount of light coming out. In my case (Nikon D50) its negative 3 (-3). This allows me to shoot with minimal light coming from my camera's flash, but still fire the infrared to trigger the speedlight.

Since D50's don't have commanders built-in, I had to rely on the SU-4 mode which allows infrared to trigger the flash. Without this option, it leaves me no choice but to run a sync cable, purchase additional speedlights or upgrade my camera.

With this setup im able to partake in some of the exercises on This is great! I was thinking of purchasing continous light sets. But after sucking up these information, I have concluded that this is way better and mobile. Cheers!


kgilby said...

Will I lose TTL exposure metering when using the SU-4 mode on the SB800 as described here?

Carlos de la Rua said...

Excellent blog. Congratulations. Love and Peace. Carlos.