Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Photoshop Soft Effect with Blur, History Brush and Blend modes

Here's a really neat unconventional way of softening portraits using Gausian blur of course, history brush and blend modes. Tutorial method taken from

Lets get started:

1. Gaussian blur the image.
2. Take a History Snapshot (New Snapshot Icon)
3. Undo the Gaussian blur. (yes, trust me on this)
4. Select the History Brush tool with Blend mode to DARKEN (10% OPACITY)
5. Set history source to the new snapshot.
6. Use the history brush to apply a foundation on the face and neck.
7. Set blend mode to LIGHTEN (10% OPACITY) and do the same.


1. You can choose to FILL and select history in the contents menu. (BLEND MODE TO LIGHTEN) and start at 50%.

2. Repeat the history fill, but this time BLEND MODE TO DARKEN, and start with half the opacity (25%).

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